Research Symposium 2016 - University of the Visual and Performing Arts

“Trends in Performing, Visual and Aesthetics Arts”

Call for abstracts and full papers

University of the Visual & Performing Arts, announces the Sixth Annual Research Symposium (2016) which will be held in the third week of November 2016 at the University premises.

Formal theme of this Symposium is “Trends in Performing, Visual and Aesthetic Arts” , which will create a platform for academics, Professionals, Administrators, Artists, Practitioners and Policy Makers to share and disseminate knowledge of research in various discipline relating to the main theme.

  • Music
  • Dance & Drama
  • Education
  • Archeology
  • Literature
  • Sociology
  • Communication & Media studies
  • History
  • Languages
  • Cultural Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Ethnic Cohesion
  • Management

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Research & Publication Division University of the Visual & Performance Arts

Important Dates: Deadline for submission of 31 July 2016 (extended until 20 September 2016)

Abstracts and Full Papers shall be submitted through e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guidelines for Preparation of the Full Paper

1.The full paper shall be submitted elaborating the research abstract. Details relevant to the research topic shall be properly analyzed according to the research methodology.

2.The full paper shall not exceed 1500 words.

3.Foot notes if used, shall be mentioned with relevant page numbers; If presented in Sinhala; FM Abhaya and Font size shall be-10, If presented in English; Times New Roman and Font size shall be-08.

4.Citations and references shall be mentioned according to an accepted method.

5.If the same name of the book/ name of the resource person / name of the editor is used repetitively for more than 3 times; the name of the book/ name of the editor/ name of the article shall be mentioned with the relevant page number. If the same order follows with the resource person; his discipline, full name, date and the place of the discussion shall be mentioned.

6.At the end of the paper details shall be analyzed in a way of solving the research problem.

7.The researcher who follows Harvard Research Methodology shall use references in the same order. However, at the time of publication of research abstracts and full papers, pages may be setup as per the discretion of the editorial board.

Note: Papers presented without adhering to the above guidelines shall be rejected.

Guidelines for Preparation of the Research Abstract

1.The Research Abstract shall not exceed 350 words.

2.A brief introduction on the research problem, hypothesis, source of origin, methodology chapters, conclusions and recommendation shall be clearly indicated.

3.Title of the abstract should be based on the matters discussed in the paper, sub-titles shall be mentioned as and when necessary.

4.The relevant track (subject field) shall be mentioned at the top of the abstract paper.

5.Name of the author/presenter, designation, faculty/department, telephone number and e-mail shall be mentioned.

6.Five key words shall be mentioned at the end of the abstract paper.

7.If the abstract is presented in Sinhala; FM-Abhaya Font and Font size 12 shall be used. If the presentation medium is English; Times New Roman Font and Font size12 shall be used.

8.The corrected abstract and the full paper shall be forwarded to the e-mail address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9.A self certification confirming the accuracy of the content, grammar and spellings should be made at end of the paper by the researcher.

Note: Papers presented without adhering to the above guidelines shall be rejected.

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