About English Language Teaching Unit

Given the fact that graduates’ proficiency in English is regarded as an important qualification sought by both public and private sectors when procuring lucrative employment, the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) of the UVPA has strived to develop ESL courses meant to enhance the learners’ general, academic and professional English knowledge.

At present, the ELTU is almost at the point of being converted to a department of study. This has been the result of the recognition given by the Sri Lankan Government  for prioritizing the development of English skills of university undergraduates which resulted in a policy decision that was taken by the University Grants Commission to upgrade all ELT Units and Centres (Establishment Circular Letter No. 01/2017). As such, the UVPA has approved the establishment of the Department of English Language Teaching at the Faculty of Dance and Drama.

The existing physical resources, human resources and infrastructure facilities of the ELTU will be absorbed into the new Department of English Language Teaching. The proposed DELT will continue to offer its services to conduct English language courses that cater to the development of English language skills of all its undergraduates.