About Multi-Disciplinary Design

The fine Art Department of the Government Institute of Fine Arts was known as the college of Art & Design. In addition, there were other institutions. They are, School of Music, School of Dance. The subject of designing which was major subject among painting, sculpture and Graphic was developed and maintained as a course of study during the institute of aesthetic under the university of Kelaniya. In 2005 this institute has become as independent university and it is named as University of the Visual & Performing Arts. After became as independent university the department of Multidisciplinary Design has stablished as a new department of the faculty of visual arts in the university of the Visual and Performing Arts. The graduates of this department are holding good position in various companies / institutions to meet the existing design requirements. At present it is very popular and is maintained as an updated topic for national interest and also work is underway to launch several new courses.