About the Sabaragamuwa Dance Department

The Sabaragamuwa Department, UVPA was established in 2005. Senior Lecturer Wickramasinghe Bandara was appointed(2005 – 2008 and 2011 – 2013) as the first Department Head who had done an immense work in bringing up the Department. He successfully organized and monitored ‘Saman Pahana’ in 1987, ‘Saman Sesath’ in 1988 that were held in the John De Silva Memorial Hall, Colombo 07. These ceremonies gave Sabaragamuwa Dance country wide publicity. Dr. Gayani Maddumage and  Prof. Sriyani Rajapaksa who are currently working as senior lecturers of UVPA also took part in these events.

Mr. Wickramasinghe took the ritual conducting knowledge and the ritual literature from traditional aduras in preparing the Syllabuses.  With the well structured new syllabuses, the numbers of the students in the department gradually increased. The undergraduates were persuaded to do field research. Currently Dr. G. D. Maddumage is working as the Department Head (2008 – 2010 and 2017 – 2020) and had done workshops about syllabuses, editing conference about wannam in 2009,  workshops about Dramatic Events in Curative rituals and Sabaragamu Sokari Nataka field studies. The Department was further developed by adding subjects such as Ethnology and Literature Studies which requires the students to visit historical places and do field studying.