Academic & Student Welfare

Student Support Services and Welfare System

Student support services and welfare plays an important function in a university system to assist students need. Under the purview of this function there are several administrative and service divisions and functional units: Student Services and Registration Division, General Services Division, Maintenance Division, Health Centre, Physical Education Division, Student Counselling System, Security Division, Marshal Unit, and the Career Guidance Unit.

However, previously these divisions/units carried out their defined roles without much coordination and cohesion due to lack of a centralized entity. As a result, there was no one place where the students can bring their grievances/issues and seek solutions and relief.

Therefore, in 2011, the University of the Visual & Performing Arts established a coordinating body and a network called Student Support Services and Welfare System as per the University Grants Commission circular No: 933. Hence, the reformed aim of this body is to streamline and enhance greater coordination among divisions, units and centers that provide student support and welfare services.

Student Support Services and Welfare System

Since its inception as a recognized university, numerous actions have been taken to enhance student support and welfare services. In order to improve hostel facilities, two hostels (02) were rented out and 2 premises were built, totaling up to four hostels (04) accommodating students from all four academic years. Further, to facilitate common amenities and services, actions have been taken to open and improve cafeterias, health care centers, bookshops, communication services such as photocopy, telecommunication services etc. within the university premises. Moreover, a sports committee has been appointed and it has organized many inter-faculty and inter university tournaments and sports programmes. To accommodate counseling and grievance handling, student counsellors have been appointed under three senior counsellors from the three faculties.

This system is further looking forward to enhancing the above facilities and to implement comprehensive programmes to create awareness about university student charter while ensuring that students comply with the rules and regulations of the UVPA. It is also attempting to strengthen the Student Counseling Unit to look into any complaints/problems/ grievances of students. In addition, steps will be taken to introduce common amenities such as a salon, tailor shops, grocery shops etc. within the university premises for the convenience of students.

The Student Welfare Branch of the University of the Visual & Performing Arts provides the following services for the students:

  1. Provides hostel facilities for the undergraduates
    • receives applications for hostel facilities
    • selects students by processing the applications
    • provides maintenance facilities through the Maintenance Division
    • provides essential items for the hostels
    • provides cleaning and security services
  2. Maintains canteens in the following premises and a Milk Bar & Ice Cream center;
    • Albert Crescent premises
    • Horton Place premises
    • Kohuwala premises
    • Dehiwala Premises
  3. Maintains photocopy service centres
  4. Conducts student elections
  5. Works as a facilitator for extracurricular activities organized by the students
  6. Makes Mahapola and Bursary scholarship payments for the eligible students
  7. Issues authorized forms to obtain railway and bus season tickets
  8. Coordinates student field trips and exhibitions.
  9. Obtains approval from the relevant authorities for student’s extracurricular activities
  10. Selects and awards scholarships
  11. Coordinates activities of the Student Counsellors
  12. Conducts subject-oriented practical tests to select students for university admission
  13. Student support services.
    • Welfare Advisory Committee
    • Hostel Committee
    • Canteen Committee
  14. Physical Education Division.