Degree Programmes – Drama, Oriental Ballet And Modern Dance Department

The Department of Drama, Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance offers three undergraduate degrees under three major streams; Acting, Script Writing and Directing, and Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance. The students are selected to each stream based on their skills/knowledge demonstrated at the aptitude test and/or their preferences with supportive evidence. In addition to the subject specificity considered under each stream, the department offers cross-disciplinary subjects units and creative practices such as Performance Research and Academic Writing,  Performance Appreciation and Criticism, Scrutinising Performance Texts, Scenography, Traditional Dance Theatre,  Musical Sense, Choreography and Applied Performance Practice.

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors) Degree in Acting –

This four-year degree programme aims to produce disciplined and skilful actors with essential research and critical capacities in theatre and performance studies.  This degree offers theoretical knowledge and develops practical skills in both individual and ensemble acting through Western and Eastern actor training techniques and tenets. Moreover, it enhances the ability to apply themselves as performance practitioners and provides an opportunity to explore acting in other media such as screen, radio and multi-media performance. Throughout the programme, students are also encouraged to develop pedagogical skills with a view to applying themselves in various educational and community settings.

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors) Degree in Script Writing and Directing –

This programme of study is designed to produce skilled directors and playwrights for the contemporary theatre. This programme provides a theoretical background for playwriting and develops the imagination and creativity in theatre directing. This programme creates a space to experiment writing and directing through developing monologues, short plays, and lengthy plays by exploring various theatre genres, styles, forms and ideologies. Further, it enhances the writing and directing skills by discovering the significance of other mediums such as screen and radio. Finally, the degree programme provides the opportunity for students to employ advanced writing and directing skills in a dramatic performance and an applied performance intended for a specific community.

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors)  Degree in Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance –

Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance programme is one of the unique degree programmes of the Faculty of Dance and Drama. This programme focuses on Oriental Ballet and Modern and Contemporary Dance practices which are not available for the students in any other university within the country. This programme aims at developing skills and knowledge in creative dance and movement works derived from modern, contemporary and  Sri Lankan traditional dance forms. Further, in this degree programme, students learn cultural contexts and cross-disciplinary studies of dance. The programme introduces chorographical representations and techniques which allows bodies and movements to occupy performative space in a meaningful way. The students would be able to enhance their creative and technical skills in concept writing and sonographic practices. The degree programme also provides pedagogical content knowledge of Sri Lankan dance tradition.