Degree Programmes – English Language Teaching Unit

The new syllabi developed by the ELTU are well-planned and high quality ESL programmes that are in keeping with the endorsed quality assurance practices promoted by the institution, the Ministry of Higher Education and the University Grants Commission.

There are five courses offered at present and they are noncredit courses. The first-year students have two English courses – ELTU 11015 and ELTU 12025 – which are compulsory ones. From the second year onwards, the courses (ELTU 23012, ELTU 33012, and ELTU 43012) are optional for students although many students continue to follow them as they are levelled and progress from one to another.

Year 1 (semester 1) – ELTU 11015 – English for General and Academic Purposes – Beginners Level

Year 1 (semester 2) – ELTU 12025 – English for General and Academics Purposes- Pre-intermediate level

Year 2 – ELTU 23012 – English for General and Academics Purposes- Intermediate level

Year 3 – ELTU 33012 – English for General and Academics Purposes- Upper- Intermediate level

Year 4 – ELTU 43012 – English for General and Academics Purposes- Advanced level

Students are assessed based on the total marks they accumulate from the continuous assessments and the end-of year examination. In addition, 10% of the total mark is given for attendance in English classes.