Degree Programmes – Low Country Dance Department

  • Bachelor of performing arts (Honours) degree  (Low Country Dance)
  • Bachelor of performing arts (Honours) degree (Ancillary Arts)

This course of study is designed for the undergraduates who are studying low country dance in order to obtain a broad knowledge related to the subject. The course consist of dancing itemes related to low country rituals. Dramatic event, low country drumming, Kolam drama and dance, local and Indian folk dance, low country udakki, Creative singing and drumming, Creative dance, Stage performance, Ancillary arts (Costume designing) decorations, Carving mask making.

This special four year course can be introduced to import a board and theoretical knowledge related to Benthara Mathara and Raigama styles.

This degree program has been designed to produce resourcefull graduates in the field of traditional Low Country Dance.