Degree Programmes – Sabaragamuwa Dance Department

Sabaragamuwa Dance (Special) Degree program  – Bachelor of Performing Arts is the only degree program offered by the Department of Sabaragamuwa dance. This Degree Program provides a wide coverage of the core and peripheral areas in Sabaragamu dance as to include Theories of dance, Traditional dances, Sabaragamu vannam, dance choreography, performance of curative rituals (Shanthikarma), dramatic events of related rituals, Creative dances, Sokary and Angam martial arts. It provides Sabaragamu drumming techniques as to include dawul, Thammattaum & dakki beating. Singing techniques cover the Traditional singing, vocal music, creative singing and music performances.

Department of Sabaragamu dance also provide general knowledge in Intra cultural folk dances, Scientific background of dance, Body flexibility in dance, Ethnology, Theatre Art & Technology, Ancillary arts, Physical consciousness & well-being, make-up, costume designing, computer technology, stage lighting, stage techniques, and the production of stage performances.

Sabaragamuwa dance degree program is also cover History of Sabaragamuwa Dance & Common Theories of dance, Literature Studies, Educational & Psychological Background of Dance & Teaching Methodology.

Under Research program It provides the knowledge in Language usage & Research Methodologies, Students have to complete self- learning assignments at the end of third Year of the Degree Program. Students have to complete Self Research Project and submit thesis as part and partial of their degree.

This Sabaragamuwa Dance Degree Program produces academic artists who are capable to create new literature in performing arts and to face future challenges.