Faculty of Dance & Drama

The Faculty of Dance & Drama is a rich faculty composed of national and international award-winning academics. Each veteran academic of the faculty brings a unique and valuable perspective to our University. Be it traditional cults, rituals or modern dance, acting or film direction, the faculty has the rich resources incomparable to any other higher educational institution in the country. Strategic initiatives of the faculty focusing on performing arts to expand research opportunities, new degree programs with innovative courses introduced to the undergraduates, indoor and outdoor experiential opportunities to expand undergraduate experiences are only a few examples to highlight the journey of the faculty to explore new avenues in contemporary dance and drama field while fostering and preserving traditional cults and rituals associated with Sri Lankan dance and drama.

Conducive Learning Environment

  • The faculty offers state-of-the-art facilities such as a Multimedia Studio with audio and video recording, still photography, live multi camera, video production facilities, a Multimedia Laboratory, a state-of-the-art Computer Laboratory, English Language Lab, a well-equipped carpentry workshop, and dressmaking and costume designing facilities to enhance the skills of the students and researchers.
  • A Theatre with modern technologies, theatre and seating facilities to perform various plays, dramas and dancing performances is one among few modern theatres available in the country.
  • A Library with a rare collection of books, periodicals and research papers is functioned under the roof of the faculty in addition to the main University library.

Career Prospects

The Faculty of Dance & Drama opens doors to its graduates in the national and international performing art fields ranging from dance, drama, choreography, costume designing to event management, and film industry. The faculty has crafted renowned performers, and scholars in the field to its credit.


Faculty of Dance and Drama

Department of Kandyan Dance

BPA (Special)
This degree program is designed to disseminate thorough knowledge in the field of traditional Up-Country Dance by creating awareness on the use of theatre in the performing arts arena, choreography, recitals, and creative dance in addition to the introduction of various “Vannams”, upcountry drumming, up-country folk dance and folk theatre etc.

Department of Low-Country Dance

BPA (Special)
The Department enables its undergraduates to gain theoretical and practical knowledge on Sri Lankan curative rituals known as “Shanthikarma” and various other dance items, dramatic exchanges, low-country drumming and singing, Kolam drama and low-country folk dance originated in Benthara, Raigam and Matara traditions. A new degree program, B.P.A in Dancing Costumes Jewellery and Set Designing, will be introduced in near future aiming to fulfil the demands in the industry.

Department of Sabaragamuwa Dance

BPA (Special)
The field of Sabaragamuwa dance is a prominent dancing style in the Sri Lankan dancing culture as it exhibits the esteemed and proud Sri Lankan heritage to the world. This degree program is designed to produce resourceful graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge on Sabaragamuwa Dance providing a wide coverage of core and peripheral knowledge on Sabaragamuwa folk dance, folk theatre, Sokary etc.

Department of Dance, Oriental Ballet & Modern Dance

BPA (Special)
Through the above degree programs, the department is engaged in producing scholars, researchers, actors, cinematographers and various professionals and practitioners for the film and drama industry. Sri Lankan drama, oriental ballet, creative and modern dance, acting, script writing and directing are few of the highly demanded subjects that can be specialised for four years. The students of this Department are given the opportunity to be engaged in various research, critical thinking activities with high exposure to the practical aspects relevant to the fields mentioned above.

Department of Indian & Asian Dance

BPA (Special)
In collaboration with the neighbouring country India, the faculty offers degree courses in Indian and Asian dance which are in high demand among students. Comprehensive knowledge on the art of traditional dancing and drumming, Indian and Sri Lankan folk dance, vocal and instrumental music, language usage, research methodology and the educational and psychological background of dance and teaching methodology are focused under these programs.

Department of Percussion Music

BPA (Special)
This degree program is formed to pass down ancient traditional Sri Lankan drumming techniques to the present generation, whereby they can learn to engage in new, creative and experimental modes of drumming. Other than local drums, students are also able to learn to play various other Western and Eastern percussion instruments that are being used in the country.

Department of History and Theory of Dance & Drama


BPA (Special) Communication & Folklore


BPA (Special) Film Studies

B.P.A. in Video Choreography Dance (Special) Degree provides a vast knowledge and understanding on the art of dance and on the technology involved therein to their undergraduates. In par with the modern digital society, the department teaches students how to perform a dance in front of a camera with especial attention drawn on how a dance is screened which is a way of preserving traditional and contemporary dance for future generations. The BPA in Communication & Folklore Studies (Special) Degree programme ensures that the students obtain a broad understanding on the history and theoretical aspects of Dance with an objective to create confident academic artists who are capable of facing future challenges. The BPA in Film Studies (Special) Degree programme has a carefully planned syllabus which equips students with the required theoretical knowledge and the practical training on Cinematography. In accordance with the technological advances across the world, students of this Department are also exposed to new technologies to make them enable to keep pace with the fast-changing world.