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Faculty of Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA) had been established in 2015 to facilitate postgraduate studies for university leavers and professionals who are seeking higher degree qualifications and to conduct their research in various visual and performing arts disciplines. Since its establishment, the FGS has facilitated and supported UVPA graduates and other professionals to pursue MPhil and PhD degrees as a qualification for their academic and professional careers. Being a premier educational institute for visual and performing arts, the FGS of the UVPA has demonstrated its capacity in providing quality supervision and guidance for postgraduate candidates. To develop the research culture of visual and performing arts, the FGS at UVPA attempts to absorb recent developments in research on visual and performing arts. In this juncture, it encourages postgraduates to pursue practice-based-research, one of the most popular approaches in diverse fields of creative arts at present.

Common Philosophy of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

“Fresh curiosity on the feelings of wonder at meeting with something or someone that one has hitherto passed by, the unflagging training eye, hand, body and mind. All these are essential for Visual and Performing Arts. Without researching on them there is neither discovery nor growth. Otherwise the existing system or traditions will go on generation after generation without new trends. By doing research on these disciplines novel ideas and developments evolve in fields of creative art. It is necessary to think critically, investigate and analyse art. Finally, it is not simply the development of artistic expression but a deep understanding of human nature”.


“To be the premier faculty in research to refine the knowledge of human experiences in aesthetic and cultural areas in appreciation of different traditions and trends of Visual and Performing Arts.”.


“Produce researchers and performers in practicing art”

To foster the development of educational, cultural and industrial fields by broadening the knowledge of humanistic studies contributing to the needs of cultural and social context in Sri Lanka and the global community.


Faculty of Graduate Studies​
University of the Visual & Performing Arts

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