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The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA) had been established in 2015 to facilitate postgraduate studies for university leavers and professionals who are seeking higher degree qualifications and to conduct their research in various visual and performing arts disciplines. Since its establishment, the FGS has facilitated and supported UVPA graduates and other professionals to pursue MPhil and PhD degrees as a qualification for their academic and professional careers. Being a premier educational institute for visual and performing arts, the FGS of the UVPA has demonstrated its capacity in providing quality supervision and guidance for postgraduate candidates. To develop the research culture of visual and performing arts, the FGS at UVPA attempts to absorb recent developments in research on visual and performing arts. In this juncture, it encourages postgraduates to pursue practice-based-research, one of the most popular approaches in diverse fields of creative arts at present.


“To be the premier faculty in research to refine the knowledge of human experiences in aesthetic and cultural areas in appreciation of different traditions and trends of Visual and Performing Arts.”



“Produce researchers and performers in practicing art”      

To foster the development of educational, cultural and industrial fields by broadening the knowledge of humanistic studies contributing to the needs of cultural and social context in Sri Lanka and the global community.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA) Colombo was first established in 2015 enabling students to pursue quality postgraduate studies in Visual and Performing Arts research.  Over the years, the FGS has accommodated postgraduate students and their contribution to the development of the Faculty and its diversity of research has been immensely valuable. Currently, the FGS supports nearly 50 postgraduates in their diverse fields of research interests within the fields of Visual and Performing Arts and Social Sciences and Humanities. The Faculty encourages practitioner-researchers to pursue postgraduate studies at UVPA Colombo creating an academic space for cutting edge research to contribute to the emerging cultural economies in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Among the FGS scope of research practices, the Faculty offers MPhil and PhD degree programs for those who have completed and obtained their undergraduate and master’s degree qualification. Furthermore, the FGS encourages independent researchers and practitioners to pursue practice-as-research or practice-based-research which is an established approach to creative arts research in the contemporary world.  For instance, Practice-based-research allows researchers/practitioners to combine their artistic practice and written exegesis to explore novel epistemological interventions in creative arts and also questions the tradition modes of research and writing methods. In order to prepare students for a rigorous research degree program such as MPhil and PhDs, the Faculty offers a 14 weeks long preparatory research and writing course. FGS at UVPA Colombo also publishes an annual Journal titled Journal of Visual and Performing Arts Research and this Journal offers a platform for postgraduates to publish their research findings. Apart from this journal publication, FGS further support in executing UVPA Annual International Research Symposium and these scholarly activities have been a turning point for many postgraduates and artistes in the University and the society.

Hence, as the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, I warmly welcome all the current and new postgraduates who are willing to conduct their full time research work at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, UVPA Colombo and I hope that you will enjoy your research work and the support extended by the qualified academics and the staff of the FGS who have been thoroughly trained to provide quality postgraduate supervision and administration at the FGS at UVPA Colombo.