Health Centre

Health Centre

The main Health Centre is located at Albert crescent premises which were established in 1975. (Then institute of aesthetic studies) It serves to the majority of students and staff. There are two other Health Centres. One is at Kohuwala premises which serve mainly to the first year students of dancing & music faculties. The second – is at Horton place where the Visual Arts faculty situated. Presently are mainly functions as a first aid centre.
University Health Centre is mainly focused on treatment and preliminary care for acute illnesses and follow up of existing chronic illnesses of the students and the staff members of the institute.

Main aim is to minimize the rate of absenteeism of students from classes and examinations on health related conditions and control spreading of infections.
A number of services are provides by the University Health Centre.

Indoor pharmacy

Supplies, available medicines for acute and chronic illnesses to both students and members of the staff.


Referrals are done to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka where specialized care and inpatient care is needed.

Medical Examination

Conducts routine medical examination for all new recruits and for the purpose of extending the service.
Medical examination of all new students is an essential part of the registration procedure. Medical examination should be done at closest Base or General Hospital according to permanent address of the student. Those medical examination form received via student welfare unit are registered at medical centre. Each and every registered student gets complete file with detailed medical history. Students with special needs, chronic and recurrent diseases and allergic conditions are identified.


Some of the vaccines are available at health centre.

Health Education

Health education in preventive medicine though lectures and demonstrations. Activities of the preventive medicine consist of public health administration, statistics, epidemiology, general sanitation, food sanitation, and health education.

Maintenance of Environmental Sanitation

Maintenance of environmental sanitation in the university premises and student hostels and in cafeterias.University Health Inspector plays a key role in these tasks.
Food handles’ examinations for the workers at cafeterias.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates issued to staff and students who underwent treatment, on request.


New Health Centre with expanded treatment and daycare facilities is planed in corporate plan. A Dental room is proposed for Albert Crescent premises. First aid centre at Faculty of Visual Arts will be improved as fully equipped complete Health Centre.