International Collaboration & Research Division

International Collaboration & Research Division

International Collaboration & Research Division facilitates research and publication activities of the university staff, under the guidance of the Research Management Committee.

  • Facilitate payment of research allowance to eligible staff
  • Allocation of grants for research projects
  • Disbursement of grants for research paper presentations at conferences
  • Organize annual research symposium
  • Facilitate publication of books of the University and staff

Staff of the International Collaboration & Research Division

Research Management Committee

The Committee has been formed as a Senate Sub-Committee to make recommendations on payment of research allowances, research grants, university publications and other related recommendations to uplift the university research culture.

  1. Chairman
  2. Dean/ Faculty of Visual Arts
  3. Dean/ Faculty of Dance & Drama
  4. Dean/ Faculty of Music
  5. Actg. Dean/Faculty of Graduate Studies
  6. Faculty of Dance & Drama
  7. Faculty of Music
  8. Faculty of Dance & Drama
  9. Faculty of Dance & Drama
  10. Faculty of Music
  11. Faculty of Visual Arts
  12. Registrar
  13. Actg. Registrar
  14. Bursar
  • Snr. Prof. Mudiyanse Dissanayake
  • Asso. Prof. M.R. Podinilame
  • Snr. Prof. Mudiyanse Dissanayake
  • Snr. Lec. G B C Dayawansha
  • Dr. Saumya Liyanage
  • Snr. Prof. Jayasena Kottegoda
  • Prof. Kolitha Bhanu Dissanayake (on sabbatical leave)
  • Prof. P.M. Karunarathne Bandara (on sabbatical leave)
  • Asso. Prof. O.G.Dhanapala
  • Asso. Prof. P.D.R. Fernando (on sabbatical leave)
  • Asso. Prof. W. G.Sarath Gnanasiri(on sabbatical leave)
  • Mr. BM Dayawansa (on sabbatical leave)
  • Mrs. R.T.M. Ranathunaga
  • Mr. W.M.W. Wanninayakae