Mrs. Samaraweeralage Menaka Dilrukshi

Name: Mrs. Samaraweeralage Menaka Dilrukshi

Qualifications: BVA[special]

Position: Probationary Lecturer | Department of Textile & Wearable Arts


S.M.Dilrukshi is a Probationary Lecturer at the Department of Textile & Wearable Arts of the University of Visual & Performing Arts. Her subject area is situated in the field of Computer design & Textile printing, with a special focus on Textile & Wearable Arts. From 2017–2018,(Academic Year) she held the Student Counsellor.

Research Interests:

Art & Design
Media Studies


A study on whether Mobilization Principles are included in the

Painting during the Kandyan Era(Relating to paintings in low country temples in the Kandyan Era) (Symposium)



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