Core Purpose

To enrich the cultural life of humankind

මානව වර්ගයාගේ සංස්කෘතික ජීවිතය සාරවත් කිරීම

Core Value

Preserving tradition while encouraging Innovations. /Re-engaging tradition and being innovative.

Excellence in creative practice, research, and education.

Encouraging intelligence of expressions.

Creating Artistic identity and collaboration.

Goals: BHAGs

To be the most sought-after and financially sound higher education institute dedicated to creative arts in Asia by 2030.

Vivid Description

We will disseminate the most updated knowledge in the world in creative arts and related areas of study to the society through a well-qualified academic staff renowned for their excellence in research and creative practice in their respective disciplines. That will make us the most sought-after creative arts university for both national and international students alike. We will produce practitioner-researchers of high-quality through undergraduate and postgraduate education who are capable in becoming cynosures in both creative industries and the education sector. Our production of knowledge through research and innovations through creative engagements will be published and showcased in nationally and globally recognized platforms such as indexed journals, art exhibitions and film festivals. We will be showing examples to creative industries and mass media how possible it is to be socially incisive in creative practice whilst being financially viable. Being a trend-setter and a policy-maker for the industry and education not only in Sri Lanka but also in the globe, we will be the most desired higher education institute for creative arts in the South East Asia by 2030.