The university maintains 4 canteens in four designated premises namely, the  Albert Crescent Canteen, Faculty of Visual Art canteen, Kohuwala premises canteen and Dehiwala Keerthi Herath Boys’ Hostel Canteen. The university provides other facilities such as free water, electricity, kitchen gasoline allowance and kitchen utensils to the canteens so that a quality meal could be provided to the students for a very low price. Service providers are selected through an annual tender procedure for a period of one year.

Juice Bar

The juice bar operates in the Albert Crescent Premises to provide fresh Juice at low prices to the students and to the staff.

Photocopying Service

Facilities are provided at the Albert Crescent Premises and Main Library at Horton Palace to obtain photocopies at a comparatively low rate. Service providers are selected through an annual tender procedure for a period of one year.

Identity Card, Students Record Book

All registered students of the university are issued with  a Student Identity Card and a Student Record Book

Season Tickets

Procedures have been implemented for the issuance of concessional season tickets for public transport services that include buses and railways.

Studentship/Progress Report

Certification letters are issued for the Studentship and Students Progress Report for various purposes.

Laptop Loan

The undergraduates can apply for an interest-free loan facility up to Rs. 75,000/- to purchase Laptop Computers. This loan facility is offered by the People’s Bank and Bank of Ceylon. The students who wish to apply this loan should submit the duly filled application along with a quotation taken from the companies recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education i.e. Abans, Metropolitan, Softlogic, Singer, E-wis, Singhagiri, and along with the specification of the features of the computer to the Student   Affairs Division for the recommendation of the Assistant Registrar.