Medical Center

University Medical Centers (UMC) function as the primary health care and preventive health care service to the university community covering nearly 2350 undergraduates and around 370 academic and non – academic staff. Three medical centers which are in the Albert Crescent, Horton Place and Kohuwala Premises function from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. in every working day.

While attending to basic health needs with the available resources at Medical Centers, patients who need emergency care treatment or special care management are either referred or transferred to the nearest government tertiary care hospitals i.e. National Hospital of Sri Lanka and South Colombo Teaching Hospital, Kalubowila. In the case of an emergency transfer of a patient to a tertiary care hospital, UMC gets the service of either university vehicle or Ambulance service of “suwasariya” (Hot line 1990).

A permanent Medical Officer and two part-time Medical Officers, two Nursing Officers and two Health Attendants and a Labourer carry out work at these Medical Centers while preventive medical care and community health of the university community follow up by the Public Health Inspector (PHI) under the supervision of University Medical Officer.

All the medical certificates of the students and the staff are evaluated and certified by University Medical Officer.