Student Discipline

University takes numerous measures to maintain students’ discipline within the University. According to the By-Law No. 02 of 2005 on Students discipline made under section 135 (1) (d) read with section 29 (n) of University Act No. 16 of 1978 as amended by Act No 7 of 1985, the Vice Chancellor and the council is responsible for administration and operation of this by-law. In this by-law a disciplinary committee is formed to advise and to make inquiries and recommendations to the Vice Chancellor and to the Council on students’ disciplinary matters.  The committee consists of Deans of the Faculties, Deputy Senior Student Councilors of the faculties, a senior academic member appointed by each faculty, University Medical Officer and Appointed member of the Council. Secretary to the committee could be the registrar or his nominee.  Apart from the by-Law, common guideline on students disciplinary issued under the University Grants Commission Circular No 946 is being followed.