Mahapola Scholarship

Academic year wise, the University Grants Commission selects students for ‘Mahapola Scholarship’ according to the selection criteria. The University makes the recommendation to the Mahapola Trust Fund for payment according to the students’ attendance for the academic activities. Under this scheme a registered undergraduate is paid an approved stipend for 10 installments for an academic year. The payments are made through the bank by crediting to the recipient’s account.


The applications are called by the University from the newly enrolled students before the academic year commences. Selection of suitable students for Bursaries is done according to the UGC Circular. An approved monthly stipend is paid to eligible students. Students who are not entitled to receive Mahapola scholarship are eligible to apply for bursary. According to students’ attendance for the academic activities, 10 bursary installments are credited to the recipient’s bank account for an academic year. The university has the authority to cancel or temporarily suspend installments of bursary due to stipulated reasons in the circular.

Other Scholarships

Other than the government scholarships, there are scholarships awarded by other institutes and persons.

  • The University Grants Commission awards scholarships to the students who are not eligible for any other form of financial assistance.
  • There are other scholarships awarded by institutions and individuals.

Students are informed of these opportunities through notices on common notice boards of the University.