Centre for Quality Assurance – CQA

Our vision is achieve excellence in higher education through Quality assurance. Our mission is ensure quality, continuous development and efficient performance of University of the Visual & Performing Arts, and to gain the confidence of the community in our graduates in accordance with internationally recognized evaluation mechanism. According to the UGC Commission Circular No 04/2015, the Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) of University of the Visual & Performing Arts was established to coordinate all QA related activities within the University yet, all the members of staff take personal responsibility for the quality of their contribution to the student learning experience. IQAU of University of the Visual & Performing Arts oversees quality assurance for all degree programs, faculties and units. IQUA ensures that the University of the Visual & Performing Arts operates in conformity with the Sri Lankan Qualification Framework and other standards set forth by Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council of Sri Lanka. Faculty level QA activities are administered by a Faculty QA Cell.

Director – Prof. A.C. Thenuwara

Secretary – Mrs. S.R.S. Udeshi

Management Committee Members

Senior Professor Rohana  P Mahaliyanaarachchi


Prof. A.C. Thenuwara Director / CQA
Prof. Rohana Luxman Piyadasa Council Member
Prof. Saumya Liyanage Dean / Faculty of Graduate Studies
Dr. Indika Ferdinando Dean / Faculty of dance and Drama
Mr.M.H. Jagath Raveendra Dean/ Faculty of Visual Arts
Mr. G.B.C. Dayawansha Dean/ Faculty of Music
Mr. B.M. Dayawansa Registrar
Dr. G.R. Padmasiri Librarian
Mr. W.M.W. Wanninayake Bursar
Snr. Lect. L.U.L.A.J. Lansakara Director/ SDC
Dr. J.A.V.N.Jayathilake Faculty Representative (FVA)
Mr.C.B.Illangasinghe Faculty Representative (FM)
Mr.S.R.H.C. Amarasinghe Faculty Representative (FDD)
Mrs. S.R.S. Udeshi Secretary/CQA