Senate Members of University of the Visual and Performing Arts

The Senate is the academic authority of the University and is comprised of the Vice Chancellor who is the ex-officio Chairman, Deans of the Faculties, Heads of the Departments of Study, permanent Senior Professors and Professors of the University, the Librarian, and two faculty board nominees from each Faculty who are elected by the permanent lecturers of the respective Faculty themselves. The period of office of an elected member is three years. The Senate in the execution of its duties has appointed the following Sub Committees:


• Senior Professor (Dr.) Rohana P. Mahaliyannarachchi – Chairman of the Senate

Deans of the Faculties

• Professor Kolitha Bhanu Dissanayake – Faculty of Graduate Studies
• Professor K. M. S. Kumarathunga – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Senior Lecturer (Dr.) Saman Panapitiya – Faculty of Music
• Senior Lecturer Jagath Raveendra – Faculty of Visual Arts


• Professor Karunarathna Bandara – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Professor K. W. K. M. M. W. I. Ferdinando – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Professor Dhammika Lankatilleke – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Professor G. D. Madumage – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Professor S. P. D. Liyanage – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Professor (Mrs.) K. D. S. Rajapaksha – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Professor (Mrs.) M. Iranga Samindani  Weerakkody – Faculty of Music

Heads of the Departments

Faculty of  Visual Arts

• Senior Lecturer I. M. T. Illangasinghe – Department of Painting
• Senior Lecturer (Dr.) H. M. S. S. Herath – Department of Multimedia Art
• Senior Lecturer (Dr.) Vajira Nalinda Jayathilake – Department of History & Theory of Art
• Senior Lecturer D. A. L. J. Dharmawardana –  Department of Textile and Wearable Arts
• Lecturer (Prob.) K. M. Tharanga – Department of Printmaking
• Senior Lecturer J. M. M. Bandara – Department of Visual Communication & Design
• Associate Professor M. R. Podinilame – Department of Multi Disciplinary Design
• Dr. D. R. Weerasinghe – Department of Ceramics
• Lecturer (Prob.) K. D. Niroshan – Department of Sculpture

Faculty of Dance and Drama

• Dr. (Mrs.) W. M. A. Damayanthi – Department of Indian & Asian Dance
• Lecturer (Unconfirmed) M. P. Sandapathi Priyadarshana – Department of Kandyan Dancing
• Senior Lecturer B. A. D. Sarath  Premarathne – Department of Instrumental Music
• Senior Lecturer K. H. R. T. Samarawickrama – Department of History and Theory of Dance and Drama
• Senior Lecturer B. A. D. A. S. Kumara – Department of Low Country Dancing
• Dr. S. A. A. Subasinghe – Department of Theatre, Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance
• Dr. D. W. Salgamuwa – Department of Sabaragamu Dancing
• Senior Lecturer (Dr.) (Mrs.) R. M. S. Embogama – Department of English Language Teaching
• Dr. W. A. P. Wickramasinghe – Department of  Information Technology

Faculty of Music

• Senior Lecturer W. A. Nishoka  Sandaruwan – Department of Ethno-Musicology
• Lecturer (Prob.) P. M. Madapatha – Department of Western Music
• Dr. W. K. Ruwin R. Dias – Department of North Indian Classical Music
• Senior Lecturer K. S. Fernando – Department of Applied Music and Mass Communication
• Senior Lecturer G. B. C. Dayawansha – Department of Musicology
• Dr. R. M. N. Abeyrathne – Department of South Indian Music

Actg. Librarian

• Mrs. Muditha Ankumbura

Faculty Board Nominees

• Senior Lecturer L. U. A. L. J. Lansakara – Faculty of Visual Arts
• Dr. H. M. S. Manoranjana Herath Bandara – Faculty of Visual Arts
• Senior Lecturer H. G. M. K. Wimalasiri – Faculty of Dance and Drama
• Senior Lecturer (Mrs.) Rashmi Sangeetha – Faculty of Music


• Senior Lecturer (Dr.) M. L. C. P. Maddegoda -Director-Centre for Quality Assurance Unit
• Dr. Janaka Kottegoda -Director-Centre for Open and Distance Learning Unit

Actg. Registrar

• Mrs. D. N. Gurusinghe – Secretary to the Senate