The Faculty of Visual Arts has passed a long way since 1894 as a College of Fine Arts, established by the pioneer artist and academic Mr. JDA Perera. At present, we have nine departments and a well qualified, experienced and creative academic and responsible non-academic staff along with a modern and spacious art gallery located at a convenient place in Colombo 7.

Teaching, Learning & Research Facilities

Computer Laboratories attached to each Department, English Language Unit, Library facilities, well equipped Auditorium and JDA Perera Art Gallery are some of the facilities provided by the Faculty to its students.

Opportunities in the World of Work

The Faculty produces graduates with competencies to be employed in professional, practical and academic careers in the field of visual arts. Painters, Sculptures, Printers, Designers, and Interior Decorators are some of the professions available to our graduates.



Faculty of Visual Arts

Department of Painting

B.V.A (Special)

Having the longest history in the Faculty of Visual Arts and producing many renowned art teachers and reputed artists, the Department offers a degree programme to provide technical training using art materials in the fundamentals of colour and composition with an emphasis laid on the study of international trends, cultural and historical developments to widen the students’ range of vision.


Department of Sculpture

B.V.A (Special)

The art of sculpture is directly involved with the medium of actual space. When a sculpture is being created, the space surrounds it gets assimilated into the environment. This program provides students the opportunity to discover and finetune their ability of three-dimensional expression. Additionally, students are also exposed to international trends, historical developments and modern technological advancements. The program mainly emphasizes on teaching sculptural processes carving, modelling, or assembly and on different modes of art construction, composition and content.


Department of Visual Communication Design

B.V.A (Special)

Our aim is to produce competent, highly productive and creative artists to the society by ensuring that the undergraduates of this Department are provided with a versatile and comprehensive knowledge on print and electronic media related to the field of Visual Communication. Thus, they will be able to produce original creations of exceptional quality, engage in new modes of experimentation and discover new global trends emerging in their relevant areas of study.


Department of Multimedia Arts

B.V.A (Special)

The degree in multimedia design combines training in multiple artistic formats, often including text, audio, still image, animation, video, and computer based interactive art. Students who are enrolled for the bachelor’s degree in multimedia will learn the fundamentals in the fields of digital illustration, web designing, design/art/multimedia theory, digital arts, computer graphics, 2D & 3D animations etc. This degree also provides a broad view of expertise on current practices and an overview of future trends in multimedia arts, together with the necessary skills to support the development of multimedia systems and productions.


Department of Multi-Disciplinary Design

B.V.A (Special)

This program combines training in multiple art trends and technical features. When completing the course, students will be competent in creating innovative products with utility value and aesthetic qualities. They will learn design theory, colour surface development compete drawing, life drawing, traditional creative method, rendering and presentation qualities etc.


Department of Textile & Wearable Arts

B.V.A (Special)

This program offers undergraduates with sufficient technical knowledge, skills and attitudes required to shoulder a comprehensive development drive to apply textile and wearable art design while focusing on industry orientation. The theoretical and visual knowledge benefits students to develop their individual directions, concepts. This encourages them to visit industrial and commercial centers.


Department of Printmaking

B.V.A (Special)

The art of print making is defined as the graphic art at the beginning. Then it has developed as several subjects with specific qualities along with the complex nature of the society. The art print making can be identified as one of the main components of it. Graphic arts or graphic is now called as the art of print making whereas graphic design is called as visual communication. The art of print making which has developed along with inter-relatedness between arts has been grass rooted in to the society as a major art concept. Thus, students are exposed to this knowledge in the faculty enabling them to develop traditional and modern techniques.


Department of History and Art Theory

B.V.A (Special)

This program offers a concentrated study on visual arts from the pre-historic era to present day in a multicultural and interdisciplinary context. The Department teaches both specialized and wide-ranging courses that enable students to be engaged in scholarly research, curatorial work, creative practices, and other contributions to national and international dialogues concerning the theories and histories of art and culture.


Department of Ceramics

B.V.A (Special)

The emphasis of this course will be on diverse concepts of ceramic modelling, casting and other building techniques. The students are trained to be conversant in international trends and cultural and historical developments in the field. They are further encouraged to experiment with new materials and methods developed by modern industry and technology. This course focuses to produce creative ceramic designers for industry, studio potters as well as ceramic sculptors.