Name Senior Professor (Dr.) Rohana P. Mahaliyanaarachchi
Position Vice Chancellor/ Senior Professor
Academic Qualifications M.Sc Agric (Plovdiv), Ph.D (Pdn), LLB(Hons) (UK)
Office Tel. +94-11 2690240
Fax +94-11 2686071

Senior Professor (Dr.) Rohana  P. Mahaliyanaarachchi

M.Sc Agric (Plovdiv), Ph.D (Pdn), LLB(Hons) (UK)

Senior Professor (Dr) Rohana Pandukabhaya Mahaliyanaarachchi has been appointed as the 5th Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts by HE the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka with effect from the 13th of October, 2020. Professor Mahaliyanaarachchi was the third Vice-Chancellor of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka whereby he served in this post from 2005 -2008. He is an old boy of Royal College, Colombo 07 and has completed his first degree in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Professor Mahaliyanaarchchi obtained his doctorate from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.  He is a post-doctoral commonwealth fellow at University of Reading, UK. He was the Academic Advisor at the Sri Lanka Military Academy from 2008 to 2014. He is an internationally accepted Quality Assurance expert in Universities and veteran University top administrator.

Message from Vice Chancellor

It is indeed a pleasure to issue a message for 2021 for the University of the Visual and Performing Arts. The University of the Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA), one of the 15 National Universities in Sri Lanka, functioning under the University Grants Commission, Ministry of Education has a long history which runs to the late 1800 years. Therefore, this institute is one of the oldest higher education institutes in Sri Lanka.

Please allow me to briefly explain my vision for the enhancement of the status of the UVPA during the next three years in office as the Vice Chancellor. My vision is to make the “University of the Visual and Performing Arts to be a leading university in Asia in this field of study with the highest caliber of research, broader international recognition and effective knowledge dissemination.”

My major task is to uplift the rank of the UVPA both nationally and internationally. Hence, I will take initiatives to upgrade the quality of the University by applying performance indicators of Times Higher Education World University Rankings which is the only global performance table that judges research-intensive universities across all their core missions of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

Towards archiving these tasks, within January 2021, the University publishing house as Oxford University press, named VAPA publishers will be established aiming to publishing of books and creative material as Music DVDs, Dance, Drama and Film DVDs produced by the students & academic staff of UVAP and other Universities in Sri Lanka and other young and experienced professionals in the field of Fine Arts and allied areas.

The next project is to establish the University TV channel namely, the VAPA Television at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts aiming education as the main purpose and entertainment aiming to popularize the highest quality aesthetic taste of the public as the auxiliary purpose.

During 2021, the University plans to introduce a fully-fledged e management system aiming the highest efficiency of work, reducing cost of administration, and a 24/7 working schedule. This will firstly, increase the efficiency of administrative processes within institutions and secondly, will lessen the administrative burden faced by all staffs during this process.

I wish success, prosperity and good health to all of you in 2021.

Snr. Professor Rohana P Mahaliyanaarachchi

Profile – Senior Professor (Dr.) Rohana P. Mahaliyanaarachchi

After completing secondary school education at the Royal College, Colombo 07, I devoted my time for higher education. My constant love towards search of knowledge and hard work earned me higher degrees of M.Sc. and PhD. I was undertaking research at the University of Reading, United Kingdom as a Post Doctoral Fellow, during 2001/2002 during which time I gained much valued hands-on experience of British Higher Education sector. My extensive traveling to other parts of the world including Western Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa gave me exposure to research and higher education systems in other parts of the world.

I commenced my career as an Assistant Regional Manager (Extension) in 1987 at the Tea Small Holdings Development Authority of Sri Lanka (TSHDA) where I was able to display leadership and management skills at strategic and operational levels. During the 10 year period with TSHDA, I have successfully planned and executed a number of development programmes.

I joined the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka as a Senior Lecturer in 1997 to pursue an academic career and progressed to the capacity of Professor of Agribusiness Management in 2005. I was holding administrative positions right through at the Sabaragamuwa University and progressed to the post of Vice-Chancellor through an administrative career path of Head of Department of Agribusiness Management, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Director of External Degree Programmes & Extension Services Unit. As an administrator in this higher education institute, I was able to motivate and lead a successful team of senior and junior academics as well as non-academics, to achieve higher educational objectives of the university. Other significant achievements include co-planning and successful implementation of a rural development project with the Horticultural Research Institute of New Zealand, designing of a Master of Business Administration programme through a higher education link with Harper Adams University College in UK funded by DFID of UK and increasing the revenue of External Degree Programmes & Extension Services Unit of Sabaragamuwa University significantly by introducing short courses targeted at needy youth in Sri Lanka with a vision of “Education for all”.

As the Vice-Chancellor, I was able to provide a strong leadership to the Sabaragamuwa University in its development in infrastructure, education and research. I have been successful in pro-acting to student issues and to resolve a wide range of other issues which were critical to the health of this institute. Extensive and painstakingly patient negotiations with ministers, ministry officials, treasury officials and prominent personnel in the field of higher education in Sri Lanka were successfully handled using my skills of communication, persuasion and negotiation to earn all the benefits to my university. Sabaragamuwa University was transformed into a very dynamic national university excelling in all the areas of teaching, research, infrastructure, sports and discipline and also developing links with six foreign universities in India, Thailand, UK, Canada and Nigeria.

In regarding procument, I am well aware about the World Bank procument system and I have introduced the same to the Sabaragamuwa University and currently it is functioning with successful progress in University procument system. Other than shouldering the challenging task of providing leadership to Sabaragamuwa University as its Chief Executive Officer, I have worked as a member of the Expert Group of Higher Education Policy planning of the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka.

Further, I am a member of the review panel of quality assurance of Sri Lankan Universities in the Quality assurance and accreditation council of the University Grants Commission. I have conducted high number of subject reviews, institutional reviews and library reviews in 14 Universities in Sri Lanka. Also I am a member of the Foreign QA expert panel of the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. Since 2016, up to date, I have conducted more than 30 External Peer Reviews in different Universities in Bangladesh including highly prestigious University of Dhaka. Currently I am providing my service as a senior consultant to the private higher education system apart from my service at the University as a Chair Professor.

Further, I have served as the Academic Advisor of the Sri Lanka Military Academy from 2008 to 2014 and I have involved in restructuring the academic component of the degree programme of the SLMA.

Membership of Professional Bodies / Associations

  1. Member of the Association of the Agricultural Extensionists in Sri Lanka.
  2. Member of the Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science / Past -secretary of the section “Social Sciences” in 1996.
  3. Member of the Agricultural Research and Extension Network (AgREN) of the ODI in UK.
  4. Member of the Internet Forum of Rural Development of the Swiss Development Center.

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Extension
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Agro Tourism

Current Research Projects

1. Agri Tourism as a Sustainable Adaptation Option for Climate Change impacts on Agriculture and Rural Tourism Sectors

2. Develop a Web based Platform for Forecasting and Managing the Crop Production system in Sri Lanka based on Demand from the Consumers

Completed Research Projects

1. A study of effectiveness and efficiency of information system in vegetable cultivation in Welimada area in Sri Lanka.
2. Dissemination of information to tea small holders in Sri Lanka.
3. Gender participation in agricultural production activities- A basic study in Boralanda area in Sri Lanka
4. Possibilities of commercialization of vegetable cultivation- A basic study in Boralanda area in Sri Lanka.
5. Factors effecting market failures in vegetable sector in Welimada area in Sri Lanka
6. Possibilities, Constraints and ways of commercialization of vegetable production in Badulla District Sri Lanka
7. Privatization of agricultural extension in Vegetable sector in up country in Sri Lanka.
8. Fair (Pola) as an alternative marketing system for the vegetable and fruit growers in Monaragala district in Sri Lanka.
9. Attitudes of Researchers, Extension Personnel and Farmers of Commercialization of Agricultural Extension.
10. Identification of the economic usage of selected underutilized tree plants, A Study in Ratnapura district
11. Demand and Consumption of Different Kinds of Meat by Rural and Urban Household, A Case of Hambantota District in Sri Lanka
12. Farmers’ attitudes on paddy cultivation as a Mono-crop and problem encountered due to mono-cropping in Dehiattakandhiya divisional secretariat, Sri Lanka
13. Buying Behavior of Value Added Milk Products in Super Markets of Kandy Municipal Council . Sri Lanka
14. Study on Sources of Financial Capital for Maize Farmers in Siyambalanduwa area and It’s Impact on Their Returns
15. Willingness to visit Rural Tourism Destination by urban Community in Sri Lanka
16. Study of the Relationship Between Post-harvest Losses and Method of Packaging During Transport of Tomato and Cabbage
17. A Study on Meat Consumption Pattern Among the People in Balangoda Area, Sri Lanka
18. A Study on Buying Behavior of Vegetable Farmers Towards Various Fertilizer Brands Available in Bandarawela Area. Sri Lanka
19. A Study of Factors Affecting on Low Profit Level of Maize Production in Siyambalanduwa Area. Sri Lanka
20. Consumer Preferences on Fresh Milk Vs. Powdered Milk in Ratnapura Municipal Council
21. A Study on Consumer preference for different Tea brands in Sri Lanka
22. Study on Seed Paddy Production in Uhana Divisional Secretariat in Ampara District, Sri Lanka
23. Consumer Perception on Labeling of poultry products in the buying process
24. Women Participation in Urban Agriculture and its Influence on The Family Economy
25. Identifying new farmer friendly value addition technologies and Value Chain Analysis of selected Underutilized fruits in Sabaragmuwa Province, Sri Lanka

Recent Publications


1. Mahaliyanarachchi R P, 2014, Agro tourism, Department of Agri Business Management, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
2. Mahaliyanarachchi R P, 2015, Agri Tourism Farms and Farmstays, Department of Agri Business Management, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka


1. Mahaliyanarachchi R P, 2017, Agri Tourism : Segment of Rural Tourism, Department of Agri Business Management, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Conference and Research papers

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International Agriculture, Forestry and Plantation Conference, 12-13 September 2015, Malaysia (best paper award)

4. Mahaliyanaarachchi R P, 2016, Agri tourism enterprise as a farm business to enhance the income level of farms and enhance the livelihoods of farming community,  International Conference on Agri business in Emerging Economies, 6-7 January 2016, Institute of Rural management, Anand, Gujarat, India

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Abstracts in Conferences and Symposium Presentations

1. Wijeratne M, Mahaliyanaarachchi R P, Gunaratne L H P, 2010, Socio Economic values of Crop Wild Relatives, Conference on Conservation and Utilization of crop Wild Relatives of Sri Lanka, Department of Agriculture

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Editor in Chief , Journal of Agricultural Sciences, ISSN : 1391- 9318, e ISSN : 2386-1363

Founder Editor in Chief (to date) of the Journal of Agricultural Sciences, ISSN : 1391- 9318, Published by Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Starting year: 2005, Coverage Internationally , website:


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