Mr. T. A. M. De Silva

Mr. T. A. M. De Silva

Lecturer (probationary)

Qualifications: BA (Beijing Film Academy, China)


Anuja De Silva is a multimedia artist with a wealth of experiences in the media industry.He began his career equipped with a bachelor’s degree in film making specializing of special effects and art design at the Beijing Film Academy, China. He followed Diploma at the National Design Center and also trained for 1 year at the Hua long digital film corporation in China. He has gained experience by working in many roles in the industry with a wide range of creativity. Went on to work with many national and international award-winning creations by renowned directors. As a Director, Assistant Director, Art Director, Production Designer, 3D animator, and Special effects supervisor. He has many Commercials, short films, Teledramas, Documentaries, and TV Programs, Music videos, to his name which was acclaimed in the country.
He is currently serving as a Lecturer at the Department of Multimedia, University of Visual and Performing Arts.

Research Interests:

Multimedia Arts, Animation, Film, Art Design, Computer aided Design.



  • 2000- 2005: Chinese Government Scholarship for BA, Awarded by UGC Sri Lanka.
  • 2018: Bunka Award, Awarded by the Embassy of Japan Sri Lanka.
  • 2019- 2021: ICCR Indian Government Scholarship for MSc, Awarded by UGC Sri Lanka.


  • 2016-2018: Visiting Lecturer, Sripalee Campus, University of Colombo.
  • 2016: Member of validation committee 3D Generalist National Competency Standards –NITA.
  • 2017: Jury member of ‘coins’ Colombo film festival.

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