Ms. W. M. Amila Damayanthi

Qualifications: M.A (2 year with research ) University of Kelaniya.


I am Amila. As my father is an Aurvdic doctor .I was able to with the environment and got the opportunity of coexisting with others.since there were patients in my home who had come to get treatments . I used to help them sensitively .Not only that but, because of my desire towords arts subjects from my childhood , I become more sensitive.I could help father in his social activities as I always admired sociability, by learning art subject .I expanded my subject knowledge and improved my attitudes and skills through wich I become more disciplined.At present ,I work as a lecturer of Hindi language associating the young university students.I thoroughty believe that is my duty to make them self disciplined and I try my best to fulfill that as i was bestowed by the free education.

Research Interests:

music & literature


  • The Sinhalese Translation of several semi – classical Thumri songs and Thumri songs composed by the Dance maestor Binadadeen Maharaj with notation , Titled “” Tumri Geetawali””- 2011 ISBN 978- 955 -53926 -0- 0
  • The Sinhalese Translation from Hindi prof.Geetha Banarji’s critical work “”Raga Shastra””part 1 – 2011, ISBN 978 – 955 – 53926 -1- 7
  • The sinhala translation from hindi Dr. Nidi Joshi Patak’s circle work “”Ragadari sangeet ki vibhinna Bandishon ka sundaryathamak Vishleshan”” sinhala translate titled “” ragadhari sangitaya ha bandish rachana pilibada saundaryaatmaka vishleshanaya”” 2019, ISBN 9 -790-9-0-06518-0-8.”


  • International Hindi Mitra samman awarded by Rusi Bharathiya Mitra sangam,Disha,Masko and Hindi literature and culture Redarch institute in Mumbai- India 2016
  • Got a sponsorship in Ayodhya Research Institute, Ayodhya,India.2017



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