C De S Kulathilake Archival and Research Unit

C.D.S. Kulathilaka Archival & Research unit of the Faculty of Music was established in 1990 with main purpose of providing audio & video equipment to facilitate the research conducted by the university and the preservation and continuation of the materials(Audio Visual Archiving) as a cultural heritage, and are vital elements of an institution or a nation’s collective memory, documenting the past, present and future as well as its achievements over the years.

At present the unit is involved in promoting research activities as well as publishing journals annually in addition to the Audio Visual Archiving


  • To preserve the heritage of Arts and humanity through Audio Visual (AV) Archiving and promoting research and academic works.
  • To provide access to the AV heritage through collection, provision and promotion of access to the AV collections (include sound recordings, film and video, graphic materials, electronic resources, etc.).
  • To provide records management services to the university and preserves and provides access to the institution’s historical records.


  • Achieve outstanding scientific research in various areas of knowledge.
  • Provide departments and campus units with efficient and timely records management AV archival services
  • Encourage distinguished research work through the creation of an attractive and stimulating environment to achieve goals of both the University and the society.
  • Develop cooperation with local and international centers of research.
  • Encourage research collections to be incorporated into the teaching experience to provide unique educational and research opportunities for university students