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Department of Ceramics

Ceramic is an applied art form. Earth, water and fire are the basic elements of this craft that has been part of man’s life since earliest times. The term ceramics covers pottery and anything made from clay which has been hardened by firing.

Ceramic artifacts remain as a continuous record of development of history of mankind. The museums of today are full of ceramic objects showing our rich profusion of styles and techniques.

Ceramic has form, colour, texture and often has direct function so that we may cook in it, eat and drink from it. It demands a response from our senses as well as our minds; we can touch it, pick it up and feel it in our hands.

The emphasis will be on diverse concepts of ceramic modeling, casting and other building techniques. The students are trained to be conversant in international trends and cultural and historical developments in the field. They are further encouraged to experiment with new materials and methods developed by modern industry and technology. This course focuses to produce creative ceramic designers for industry, studio potters as well as ceramic sculptors.


To be the premier higher education center for pottery/ceramics in the country.


To produce a person with an artistic creative power and technical skill for the Ceramic Industry and Studio Pottery.

About Us

In the year 2005 the Institute of Aesthetic Studies was up graded as an independent university, namely University of the Visual and Performing Arts. Department of Ceramics was established at Horton Place premises under the Faculty of Visual Arts of the University. It’s first Head of the Department was Mr. D.P.J. Jayadeva.


Two students, obtaining the first places of “shilpabhimani” art and craft compition 2018,2019


The Department of Ceramics in the Faculty of Visual arts includes a 682 sq. ft. main studio with 10 ft. ceilings and wonderful natural lighting. This space is joined with a kiln room and fully stocked glazing and mixing area. studio for advanced students with a digital projector, wi-fi access, a separate clay making room, and The equipment in the studios includes 10 kick and electric potters wheels, a 36″ slab roller, a programmable gas kiln, two manual gas kilns, an adjoining outdoor raku area, numerous ware carts, ample storage/shelving, and individual lockers.