Degree Programs


Department of Drama, Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance

The Department of Drama, Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance offers three undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors)  Degree in Acting, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors)  Degree in Script Writing and Directing, and Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors) Degree in Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance. By conducting courses related to the above fields, the Department aims to produce individuals who possess the capacity to work as playwrights, theatre directors, actors, oriental ballet and contemporary dancers, producers, composers, choreographers, scenographers, sound designers, voice artists, dramaturgs, theatre technicians and managers, researchers and critiques in the performing arts industry. The degree programme also enhance research skills and pedagogical and management content knowledge along with industrial exposure through linkage and traineeships which expands their other career and academic pathways in teaching and training, researching, project management, consultations, and entrepreneurship. These courses are conducted by some of the most qualified academics in the field in Sri Lanka, who engage not only as educators, but also as performing arts practitioners and researchers, in both local and international capacities.

About Us

The Department of Theatre, Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance was established in 2006 with the aim of developing opportunities to study various aspects of Drama and Theatre, Oriental Ballet or Mudra Natya and Modern and Contemporary Dance. Currently, over 150 students have been enrolled in the department and the department has increased the number of academic staff. The degree programmes are designed and constantly reviewed to meet the national subjects benchmarks and SLQF standards.

With the international linkages developed over the past 15 years, the department has been able to facilitate a global learning environment through workshops, seminars, lectures and creative practices collaboratively conducted by well-renowned scholars and artists all over the world. Department has also been instrumental in garnering MoUs for the UVPA by securing a partnership with Denison University in Ohio USA and Tehran University of Arts in Iran.

The Academic Thespians Students Association is the main student body of the department, which was established in 2006. In 2016, the Department established an alumni association named ‘Performance Factory’ in order to sustain a linkage with past students of the department.


  • 2020-2021: Final Year dissertation; Student’s Thematic Research Project: ‘Exploring new encounters with Space and Culture in Teaching, Learning and Performing Theatre and Dance’
  • 2015: ‘The Irresistible Rise of Mr Signno’ the Practice-Based research Project for PhD. Directed by Indika Ferdinando, collaborated with Center for Theatre and Performance of Monash University, Australia.



  • Brain Wash – Directed by Lahiru Mudalige
  • (National Youth Theatre Festival 2019)
  • Best Production
  • Best Actor
  • Best Choreography


The Department of Drama, Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance manages a well-equipped indoor studio (mini theatre), complete ballet training room with bars and mirrors and a performance theater with an upgraded lighting and sound system in addition to common learning and performing facilities of the university. Also, the department facilitates a complete costume and set design workshop space with relevant equipment which can be employed to enhance the practical experience in scenography. Also, the department maintains a wardrobe and a props/set storage to archive and reference students’ performance properties.