Degree Programs


Department of Indian and Asian Dance

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Special) Degree – Bharatanatyam / Bachelor of Performing Arts (Special) Degree – Kathak Indian Dances, which consist of a large number of dance forms, have become highly popular in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this degree programme has been designed to meet the demands of the students who wish to be experts in the field of Indian Dance. The Department of Indian and Asian Dance has introduced two special degree programme in Kathak and Bharatanatyam. Courses develop kinetically strong, culturally and conceptually aware dance artists through specialist education in an inclusive range of kathak and Bharatnatyam dance practices, Knowledge of the Traditional Dances and rituals, critical dance studies, choreography and performance. New works by professional srilankan and international choreographers and repertory studies provide invaluable performance experience and interaction with the dance profession. There is some flexibility within the degree, allowing you to choose elective subjects in dance or from other artistic disciplines in faculty of dance and drama. Both degree programmes at each year level enable you to explore cross disciplinary studies from the wider University community, accessing multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills that will build on existing knowledge or present opportunities for students to investigate and develop new interests..Comparative Studies in Srilankan Traditional and Indian dances ,drumming, local and foreign folk dances, creative dances,study of Indian culture, ,film and television composition, theatre and technology, event management, career guidance and theories related to the field of dance are some of the main subjects being covered during these programme. The Department of Indian and Asian Dance provides a comprehensive knowledge of the art of traditional dancing and drumming, Indian and Sri Lankan Folk dances, cinematic dance, vocal and instrumental musical compositions and performing for the stage. In addition the Hindi language is taught throughout the year for the students who follow the Kathak dance programme. Similarly, the undergraduates of Bharatanatyam get the chance of learning Tamil throughout the year.An additional course features ;Research skills and techniques,Presentations, usage of information

technology,Usage of the Language,team work,field work make solid foundation of creative learner.

Students can obtain the Bachelor of Performing Arts degree (Special) in Bharatanatyam or the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Special) degree in Kathak upon successful completion of these courses.The aim of the dance major is to develop students who are proficient in the analysis of technical demands, aesthetic awareness and creative challenges of a career in dance.