Degree Programs


Department of Kandyan Dance

Founded in 1952 under the leadership of Dr. Panibharatha with the aim of preserving the traditional art of traditional dance among traditional artists, the Kandyan Dance Department marks the founding foundation of the Faculty of Dance and Drama of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts.

The department offers Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honours) Degree in Kandyan Dance and this degree program is designed to preserve the Up-Country or Kandyan dance tradition and to explore the potential ways of reinventing it through academic research and practical explorations. The department expects its undergraduates to have thorough theoretical and practical knowledge and creative skills along with expertise in the subject areas of Kandyan dance such as Vannam, Shanthikarma (healing rituals), Udekki, pantheru, folk dance genres ,vocal and instrumental music. Also, the undergraduates of this department are provided with the opportunity of studying choreography and the key areas of scenography. Furthermore, the curriculum also includes language proficiency, research methodology, critical theory and education psychology. Following the completion of 4-year study, the department expects to produce well-rounded graduates who are capable in becoming successful teachers, performers, choreographers, designers, researchers and entrepreneurs.


  • Lecture halls
  • Costumes
  • Instruments
  • Photocopy machine
  • Scanner