The VAPA TV channel of University of the Visual and Performing Arts is the first and only television channel owned by a state university in Sri Lanka. It is celebrating its proud second anniversary and broadcasting on PEO TV channel number 123.

This channel, which has added a new chapter to the annals of universities in Sri Lanka, was initiated by the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Visual and the Performing Arts, Professor Rohana P. Mahalianarachchi.

Accordingly, on February 02, 2022, VAPA TV channel started its broadcasting activities on the fifth floor of Doctor Pandit W.D. Amaradeva building of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Albert Crescent, Colombo 07 under the leadership of the former Minister of Education and Minister of Media of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

We believe that the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, which has provided the foundation for the majority of pioneers in all fields of art in Sri Lanka, can provide quality service to Sri Lankan art through this new step. Also, the VAPA TV channel is giving maximum contribution to the students and all those working in the field of education to popularize their creations, research, innovations, etc.

Currently, this channel also functions as a resource to redevelop lost opportunities and relationships due to the limited air time allocated by local television channels to aesthetic, artistic, or academic conversations and intense experiences or modern social approaches.

The VAPA TV channel operates a process that preserves quality under the supervision of academics. Airtime is reserved for education, art creations, visual art exhibitions, concerts, innovations, film productions, academic discussions, art information, etc.

The VAPA TV invites Arts without platform, artists scattered all over the country, creators of new products and concepts, university students and other students, and school children to be part of this new journey.

The VAPA TV channel of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts is equipped with modern technical facilities, and it has now become a training center for student education. So far, more than 150 university graduates have received training from this channel.

Many programs like Kala Lokaya, Arunanandaya, Artha, Mahacharya Horava, Geethartha, Taksalava, Saundarya, Kala Palassa are aired on the VAPA TV channel. VAPA TV channel has expanded its mission to the national level which even covers festivals like Rajya Drama Festival. University academic and non-academic staff as well as students provide their active contributions to these programs.

It is also expected to broadcast many new programs in the year 2024 on the VAPA TV channel. In the current social context, art can play a great role in shaping human thinking, and for that, the VAPA TV channel is carrying out an exploratory mission. It must be said that this new step taken by the University of Fine Arts in the year 2022 with the full approval of the Ministry of Media is a milestone in the annals of Sri Lankan television.

No. 21, Albert Crescent, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94 112 690240

Fax : +94 112 686071