Department of Kandyan Dance

Founded in 1952 under the leadership of Dr. Panibharatha with the aim of preserving the traditional art of traditional dance among traditional artists, the Kandyan Dance Department marks the founding foundation of the Faculty of Dance and Drama of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Department of Sabaragamu Dance

The field of Sabaragamuwa dance is a prominent dancing style in the Sri Lankan dancing culture as it exhibits the esteemed and proud Sri Lankan heritage to the world. This program has been designed as a four-year special degree to produce resourceful graduates with a theoretical and practical knowledge of Sabaragamu Dance. Department of Sabaragamu Dance equipped with professionally qualified four Grade I Senior Lecturers, one Grade II Senior Lecturer, one (Probationary) Lecturer and an Accompanist.

Department of Indian and Asian Dance

Bachelor of Performing Arts (Special) Degree – Bharatanatyam / Bachelor of Performing Arts (Special) Degree – Kathak Indian Dances, which consist of a large number of dance forms, have become highly popular in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this degree programme has been designed to meet the demands of the students who wish to be experts in the field of Indian Dance. The Department of Indian and Asian Dance has introduced two special degree programme in Kathak and Bharatanatyam. Courses develop kinetically strong, culturally and conceptually aware dance artists through specialist education in an inclusive range of kathak and Bharatnatyam dance practices, Knowledge of the Traditional Dances and rituals, critical dance studies, choreography and performance.

Department of Theater, Ballet and Modern Dance

The Department of Drama, Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance offers three undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors) Degree in Acting, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors) Degree in Script Writing and Directing, and Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honors) Degree in Oriental Ballet and Modern Dance. By conducting courses related to the above fields, the Department aims to produce individuals who possess the capacity to work as playwrights, theatre directors, actors, oriental ballet and contemporary dancers, producers, composers, choreographers, scenographers, sound designers, voice artists, dramaturgs, theatre technicians and managers, researchers and critiques in the performing arts industry.

Department of Low Country Dance

The Low Country Dance department consist of two courses. They are low country dance and ancillary arts courses. Certainly, local and foreign dance graduates who are well versed in low country dance traditions. The main purpose of these course is to produce graduates who are well versed in dance and allied disciplines.

Department OF History and Theory of  Dance and Drama

The Department of History and Theory of Dance and Drama one of the recently established department in the Faculty of Dance and Drama. DHTD is offering three unique honor degree courses to students who were studied performing arts for advanced level examination. Students have the advantage of gaining hands-on experience, learning editing, graphics, and special effects using digital technology and specialist computer software, and applying themselves both creatively and theoretically to kick-start a career in media and creative industries undergraduates in all three degrees are experiencing field studies and more practical learning environment with the opportunity to have internships with related institutes and companies to gain there practice to higher standards. the department produces creative well trained innovative graduates for the visual and performing arts industry and institutes.

Department of Percussion Music


Department of English Language Teaching