The Faculty of Music shows an independent pedagogic academic scenario under the Departments of North Indian Music, South Indian Music, Western Music, Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Applied Music & Mass Communication. The intrinsic properties inhered in different course units are well connected with the intangible heritage of the motherland, religions and the world realm of music where we meet the conceptual values and expressive values dazzling among the humanism. Music crosses the barriers of cultural norms and boarder lines of cultural zones featuring the diversity of multi ethnicity with the artistic vision and the scientific thinking flood light from the spiritual and secular ideology of the people.

Learning, Teaching & Research Environment

State-of-the art Lecture Halls and Practical Class Rooms, Computer Laboratories, Recording Studio and the newly established Auditorium designed according to the modern architecture and technology, music instruments and practical sessions are few of the facilities to be named among ample conveniences available in the faculty for their undergraduates. The C. De S Kulathilake Research Centre of the faculty is one of the largest and rare repositories. It consists of an archival of rare and valuable collection of audio-video recordings in the music field.

Career Prospects

A considerable number of various career opportunities are available in the arena of music locally as well as internationally for professionals and practitioners in the field of music including scholars, researchers, singers, recording artistes, music composers, music directors, audio/ video engineers

Considering the present trends of the music, locally and internationally, and also the periodical and ideological wave signs in common, the Faculty of Music has taken necessary steps to recapitulate the academic pathway according to the career ambitions of the students.



Faculty of Music

Department of South Indian Music

BPA (Hons)

This programme focuses on the role of music in developing multicultural values. The undergraduates will be able to gain an in-depth knowledge on Carnatic Music as well as the culture of the Tamil community with thoroughly designed practical sessions, theoretical studies and research. The department facilitates undergraduates to organize and perform joint cultural programmes encouraging them to engage in cultural missions for ethnic cohesion.


Department of Musicology

BPA (Hons)

The department was established with the objective of developing scientific and comparative knowledge on music with an emphasis on subject areas like sociology and anthropology.

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Department of Applied Music & Mass Communication

BPA (Hons)

Applied Music is a vital component of human expression which is practised under various types of music disciplines in the realm of world of music. This programme is designed to develop a thorough knowledge on Applied Music and communication skills by creating various types of novel compositions.


Department of Ethnomusicology

BPA (Hons)

This subject was first introduced by late Mr. C de S Kulathikake. It is geared to serve the present-day purposes and requirements of students who wish to excel in Ethnomusicology that facilitates the undergraduates to examine the tangible and the intangible heritage of traditional Sri Lankan Music. This degree programme entails an extensive field of research and other research activities.


Department of North Indian Music

BPA (Hons)

Being one of the oldest departments of the university, this provides a concentrated study on North Indian classical music from pre-historic times to the present day in a multicultural and interdisciplinary context. The department teaches both specialized and wide-ranging courses to students enabling them to be engaged with scholarly research and creative practices while encouraging them to initiate national and international dialogues concerning the theories and histories of art and culture.


Department of Western Music

BPA (Hons)

As an effort to expand its arms to global music, this degree program is introduced to the undergraduates to learn and excel in western music culture paving them ways to establish links with international organizations/ institutions and to demonstrate their talents in international music festivals.