Journal of the C. de S. Kulathilake Archival and Research

The Journal of the C. de S. Kulathilake Archival and Research (JCDSKAR) is a biannual research journal published by the C. de S. Kulathilake Archival and Research Unit, Faculty of Music, University of the Visual & Performing Arts, Sri Lanka. JCDSKAR embraces academics and practitioner-researchers who are currently working in arts-based research that enables wider discussion and critical approaches to creative arts practice and research

This journal accepts research and reviews articles, obituary notices, scientific findings of the erudite scholars in the field written on Music, Dance and Visual Arts.

All articles are subject to initial editor screening and then a rigorous double-blind peer-review process before publication. The editorial board of the journal request authors to revise their manuscripts according to the comments made by the reviewers.

Undergraduate Research Symposium 2021

Author Guidelines

Carefully read the submission guidelines as follows

Medium English
Title: The title of the paper should be printed in Times New Roman (TNR) point 14 Bold The title should not exceed 10 words
Sub title:

The sub title (if any) should be printed in TNR 12 point Bold.


Content :

The content of the paper should be printed in TNR 12 point.

Diacritic marks should follow the method indicated in Epigraphia Zeylanica Vol 1 edited by Don Martino De Zilva Wickremasinghe in 1912

Author’s details

Please clearly indicate the given name(s) and family name(s) of each author and check that all names are accurately spelled.

Authors should send a 100 words short biography along with their papers

Corresponding author Clearly indicate who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication, also post-publication. Ensure that the e-mail address is given and that contact details are kept up to date by the corresponding author
Corresponding address The main corresponding address should be indicated

The Author’s corresponding email address should be given clearly


Institutional affiliation Provide author’s institutional affiliation if you are working at an educational institute or a university
Abstract & full paper (structured)

1.      Abstract. The Abstract has a maximum of 250 WORDSNo citation; State in the abstract a primary goal, research problem, research designmethodologymain outcomes and results, and the conclusions.

2.      Section structure. Authors are suggested to present their articles in the section structure: Introduction – Method – Results and Discussion – Conclusion

Key words

Minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 keywords should be given.


Sub headings Sub headings can be used but they should indicate in Times New Roman 12 point bold
§  Citations & References §  The article must have complied with APA 8th Referencing Style Guide and in-text referencing, the author-date style should be used.



Figures (photographs, drawings, maps, drafts) can be inserted when necessary in the text. In the case of an image taken by a photographer, due credits of the person’s name should be mentioned. Tables and other illustrations of content supporting images must include proper in-text references if applicable. Poor quality images will not be entertained in the body of the paper. (Maximum 5 to10 visuals will be the limit). All the figures & Tables should be numbered numerically (e.g. Table 1, Figure 1, Figure 2)
Titles of photos and drafts

The figure or table number and title are presented above the image. And  the author needs to provide details of images under the figure.

e.g.   Figure 01

Title of the figure



Note: (description)

Sending your paper Papers must be submitted in MS Word format. Please do not send the PDF version of the paper unless asked. Papers with images should be sent in a separate folder and should be numbered in the following with the author’s name (e.g., weerasinghe. figure 1.jpeg / de silva. figure 2. jpeg etc.)

Paper submission

Submit articles to us via email at

Withdrawal of Manuscripts

The author is not allowed to withdraw submitted manuscripts, because the withdrawal is a waste of valuable resources that editors and referees spent a great deal of time processing submitted manuscript, and works invested by the publisher.

Publication fee

There is NO publication fee for publication in the journal.

Journal of C. de S. Kulathilake Archival and Research

Author Declaration Form


Title of Manuscript:     ________________________________________________________________________


I/We, the undersigned author(s) of the above manuscript, hereby declare the authors responsibility in order to publish the article in the Journal of C. de S. Kulathilake Archival and Research(JCDSKAR) published by the C. de S. Kulathilake Archival and Research Unit of Faculty of Music, University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Sri Lanka.


Authorship Responsibility

・All authors have seen and approved the content of the submitted manuscript.

・The paper presents original work not previously published in a similar form and not currently under consideration by another Journal.

・If the paper contains material (data or information in any other form) that is the intellectual property and copyright of any person(s) other than the Author(s), then permission of the copyright owner(s) to publish that material has been obtained, and is clearly identified and acknowledged in the text of the paper.

・The authors followed ethical guidelines.

・See the authorship policy in instructions


We understand that the corresponding author is the sole contact for the editorial process. He/she is responsible for communicating with the other authors about progress, submissions of revisions and final approval of proofs.


Name of the Author Signature


Name and contact details (telephone number and email address ) of the corresponding author

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