The field research focusses on collecting and conservation folklore in Mahaveli Villages under the per view of Mahaveli Authority. In the first attempt of this field research selected villages of the Mahaveli H Zone as a sample aiming to an extension of the research “THE HERITAGE OF MUSIC IN THE MAHAWELI SETTLEMENTS” conducted by S  Kulathilake in 1988 after the Mahaweli settlement in 1977.  To understand the transformation of folklore after 30 years from 1988 this field research conducted by the S  Kulathilake Archival and research Unit.


“ With the opening up of new reservoirs thousands of families had to sacrifice their hereditary settlements and take up new settlements in area demarcated by Mahaweli Authority. Their life patterns which they had practiced for ages in their ancestral homes, their forms of occupation and even the customs and beliefs had to under go considerable changes in their new settlements which they had to share with new neighbours and surroundings.”

( Kulathike,(1988). The heritage of music in the Mahaweli Settlements)


Dean / Snr.Lec. Chiltus Dayawansa

Head/ S  Kulathilake Archival and research Unit , Snr.Lec. D. Chanaka Peiris

Director Genaral Sarath Chandrasirivithana / Mahaveli Authority



Scientific Assistant Niluka Thilakarathne